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If for any reason the demo you download doesn't work please contact us. The current version of codecheck is 1103b7, if the binary you execute from a demo is not that version please contact us at We support ALL compiler vendors of C and C++ including ALL open-source compilers such as cygwin and gnu [ gcc ].


If you can't find what you looking for Please Email, standard product will be sent to customers by email by request at no charge for free updates - please specify product & operating system when requesting an update.

We Support ALL operating Systems. We Support ALL dialects of C & C++. We support ALL compiler vendors. We support ALL C & C++ open source compilers. We support all C and C++ for all time. We help customers with legacy code everyday.


Auto-test contains the complete execution environment for ALL CodeCheck variables, this can be used for version control checking or as a "cut&paste" template for engineering new rule files. All built-in CodeCheck rules, and triggers are executed.

codchk_demo      [ CodeCheck Demo's ]

CodeCheck demo's for RedHat Linux, Unix SUN Sparc & Windows 2000, if you have another Operating System then Email us, and we'll email it back to you, send E-Mail to Abraxas if you want some other OS. We support ALL operating systems, and ALL variants of C, C++, C#.


CodeCheck 'String Attack' - Free Demo for finding string-libc problem's in your C and/or C++


CodeCheck documentation, changes, & status. Online Manuals can be found on out web site at .                     // Full library of CodeCheck XML Generation Technology                                     // HTML generation using CodeCheck


CodeCheck ISO rule files. The rule file allows CodeCheck to check C code for possible breaches of those parts of the ISO C Standard concerned with order of evaluation. These parts are listed in annex G of the Standard:



"Effective C++" Scott Meyers C++ standards implemented with CodeCheck. Both volumes of Scott's work are covered.



CodeCheck implementing the POSIX Standard.



Public Domain Rule Files - PLUM Standard, Ellemtel. Standard corporate template XYZ, is a very powerful starting point for industrial automation of source code standards adherence.



A collection of CodeCheck rule files, if you don't see something you looking for, email us. If you want to see a list of some the rule files available, then click here.


CodeFix  - Windows html Generation Using CodeFix Technology

CodeFix Example demo of generating HTML documentation from C/C++ source code.


A collection of lex&yacc grammars that we have placed in the public domain, or public domain grammars that we feel are extremely useful to our customers. C++, Java, & HTML. Also included are dcalc, wincalc, and pic16. The first two are calculators command line and windows version, pic16 is a DOS graphics program.



Tools for developing parser's & lexer's for any language. Debuggers [ ydb ], ytool [ cross referencing for lex & yacc ]. MFC generation using lex&yacc DOS, Win16, & Win32.


pcyacc_demo     [ The Free Educational Version of PcYacc  ]

Basic pcyacc & pclex engines for educational use, a good place to start for people wanting to learn lex&yacc. These demo's will do everything in the O'Reilly Lex&Yacc Book. Contact Abraxas for demo versions of pcyacc other than DOS/WINDOWS.

un-zip   tools for extracting from .zip files - 

General public domain [ shareware ]  un-zip tools for those that don't have them on there machines.

All UNIX environments contains tools for extracting from the .z file, e.g. uncompress & unpack, ...