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How to Get the Most out of Code Check


Automatic code inspection saves you money by finding code faults before they cause failures. If you find a fault with Code Check the cost at that time is negligible; if you have to find that fault by laborious debugging, it can take you anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of your code. Indeed, a large fraction of the effort in software development is devoted to finding why the program fails to work. It therefore makes sense to keep track of what kind of faults cause your programs to fail and to detect these common faults with Code Check.

Many companies would like to save the effort devoted to laborious debugging but lack the manpower to define the relevant faults or the expertise to write Code Check rules to detect these faults. For these companies We offer services that will save you effort and therefore money. All these services are based on the principle:

Find out what does not work and avoid that in future

Study of Faults Already Detected

We can study your code change log in order to identify the code faults that appear more than once and that can be detected by Code Check rules. From this We can specify which types of fault can be cost-effectively detected.

Discovery of Faults not yet Detected

We can analyze your code to find internal code faults that you have not yet detected. Presumably this is because they have not yet caused a failure. We shall apply Code Check with off-the-shelf rules to a large sample of code and analyze the faults detected.

Review of Coding Guidelines

You probably already have a set of coding guidelines. If these are based on known causes of program failure, then they will already be the starting point for effective Code Check rules. However some of them may be based merely on folklore. We can assess your coding guidelines and answer these questions: