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CodeCheck Coding Standard Support

As a service to our customers we offer support in developing "rule-files" for automating corporate coding standards.

If you have a coding standard that you wish to automate please send the standard to us in PDF format so we can assist in developing the automation with codecheck.

If you are developing codecheck rule-files and have a particular problem please send a snippet of the C and/or C++ and we'll return a rule-file solution to the problem.

We don't charge for this service so please feel free to ask for examples of automating your coding standards -  90% of the time we have seen the problem(s) before and thus can generally return a solution the same day you send the email.

Normal corporate coding standards are about 100-200 items. We find it best to implement about 10-20 at a time and that you run them on your code and verify there are no 'false-positives'. Normally it is best to select the order by most difficult first, and C before C++. However we'll assist in any order of development requested.

The reason we provide this service is so our customers will get the most out of codecheck. We find that most company's have custom in-house coding standards. This is a natural for codecheck as it can be scripted to find any kind of C and/or C++ abstraction.

CodeCheck can be scripted to compute virtually any metric algorithm. If you wish to measure with a custom algorithm let us know and we can help develop the algorithm.

Never send us proprietary code we don't need to see it, all we need generally is generalized C or C++ examples for the difficult problems.

If you have a legal problem with sending us your coding standards please feel free to have your legal department forward a non-disclosure statement to us. We never release your standards or information provided to anyone outside of Abraxas Software.


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