CodeCheck Windows - Local Area Network


To be used in a network server environment, number of "seats" reflects the number of simultaneous users of CodeCheck on your network (LAN). Network server allocation is usually controlled by a server on your LAN controlling the number of "Floating Seats" active at any given time.

A CODECHECK Single User Floating Source License For Single Assignee Is $995.

This price schedule applies to the following Abraxas binary products that sell for $995.00 per single user floating  copy. LAN discount pricing follows. CodeCheck  Professional, WIN32-2000/NT/XP.

No. of		Discount	Cost Per	Total Lic.
5 		25% 		$ 746 		$ 3730 		
10 		30% 		$ 697 		$ 6790 
25 		35% 		$ 647 		$ 16,175  
50 		40% 		$ 597 		$ 29,850  
100 		50% 		$ 498 		$ 49,800  
100 + contact Abraxas Software

Abraxas Software's Network Server License Program has been designed to offer customers a cost effective and flexible means to license multiple seats on a given workstation, LAN, or geographic location. When it is time to add additional users, the Site Administrator simply contacts Abraxas, upgrades the existing license to the appropriate larger size and pays the difference in price between the two licenses using a current price sheet. Abraxas provides telephone support and upgrades at no charge in the first year of ownership. After the first year, customers may purchase a maintenance contract which, at 20% of the outstanding license fee's, keeps upgrades and support coming for an additional twelve months. For more information, contact Abraxas Software, Inc.

For a LAN license, we require a license agreement which identifies the software product, the number of licensed users, the cost, and the authorized location. Would you like to see a sample copy of the license agreement? Send email to The package includes one copy of the software, hardcopy manual set, and unlimited access to manuals in electronic (pdf) format, and the license to use the software on the licensed configuration. LAN licenses are available through resellers.